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Cabinetry, Lacquers and Upholstery


The most important part of marine cabinetry is using the correct materials, all our cabinetry is designed and built to withstand the rigours of ocean use, using only the best in quality marine timbers and composite panels. With our vast experience in this field we can transform your boat with a modern or traditional look using lacquers, veneers and or solid timber.

If you are just looking to make some changes to your existing cabinets, we are able to match the existing cabinetry. We use only the best lacquers, stains, clears, laminates and veneers to deliver an unparalleled result.

We are experienced in stain matching veneers for the best finish on your boat.


We provide high performance lacquers specifically designed for use in harsh exterior conditions and marine environments, to provide long lasting UV screening and excellent protection against the elements. These provide maximum durability, colour retention and longevity for exposed timber surfaces, for Australian marine environments, hard and durable to withstand our unique environment.


Having well maintained and unmarred upholstery on your vessel is important. We can advise and provide a complete service so that your boat looks great and the upholstery looks new again. Custom upholstered panelling can transform the look of your vessel. Relining v-births or re-upholstering panels can modernise and bring a fresh look to your boat.