The Gel Coat on your vessel is a unique material. More than adding gloss, it also functions as a water barrier to the fiberglass underneath. Especially with the production polyester fiberglass, the gelcoat protects against weakening of the fiberglass laminate from water intrusion. Though smooth and relatively durable, gelcoat, like any finish, is prone to dings and scratches. Extensive spider cracking common on older boats is due to ageing of the gelcoat and stress caused by the flexing of the fibreglass. This can often be heard cracking underfoot. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to any major defects is essential, we can assess your vessel and provide the necessary repairs to keep your boat looking its best.

We guarantee all our repairs, don’t put your vessel in inexperienced hands, we can ensure that the repairs are of the highest quality and will last you for years to come. You can’t jeopardise the water integrity of your vessel, it’s what’s keeping you afloat!

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